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Protecting what matters most to you

Protecting your family, your home, your property from the unforeseen is important. Have a plan and do all you can to make difference before it’s too late. Trust us to give you solutions for your peace of mind.

Intrusion Detection

Protect what matters most

Indianapolis Security Companies Protect your home and family from the threat of intrusion with peace of mind knowing your home and family are safe.

Monitored Smoke Detection

Monitored smoke detection 24/7

Illinois Fire Safety Even if you do not arm your security system, your smoke detectors are still being monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Colorless, odorless, detectable

Indianapolis Security Systems Carbon monoxide detectors will alert both you and us if life-threatening CO levels are reached and we will dispatch for help.

Temperature Monitoring

Detect changes in temperature

Security Services in Connecticut Temperature sensors can alert you to variances in temperature in climate controlled environments.

Water Detection Monitoring

Prevent costly repairs and water damage

Kansas Security Detecting unwanted water can make all the difference in the world when they are monitored by our central station.

Live Video Surveillance

Watch real-time, live video of your home

home alarm systems Record and review childcare, teen behavior, vandalism, and possible theft with high grade cameras and DVR systems.

Video Monitoring

Video verification of intrusion

KS Security The central monitoring station receives video and verifies a ‘crime in progress’ instead of a standard alarm.

Service Plans

Perfect for any budget

Michigan Security systems We offer a reasonable service plan which are tailored to the size and requirements of your security system.

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